10 Things to Know About the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

Nearly six months ago, Coronavirus began spreading in South Carolina affecting households across our state. Financial impacts are now a top concern for countless men and women. To help lessen the outbreak’s economic impacts on state residents, our COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program was started to provide emergency assistance to renters financially affected by the COVID-19 health crisis. Here are 10 things to know about the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program.

1 – Who is Eligible for this program?

Eligibility into the program is based on several factors. To start, applicants must be a South Carolina resident, and their employment/income must have been impacted by COVID-19. Below is a complete list of the eligibility requirements.


  • The applicant must be a South Carolina resident with proof of ID.
  • The address on your ID must match the address on your lease.
  • The household income at the time of application must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the county in which they reside.
  • Your employment or income must have been impacted by COVID-19, beginning March 10, 2020, or later.
  • Applicants must be PAST DUE on rent.
  • The rent assistance payment must bring the rental balance current.
  • The applicant CANNOT currently receive any subsidized rental assistance.
  • The applicant CANNOT be a current recipient of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($600 additional weekly benefit).

2 – What supporting documents do I need?

You will need to gather some materials before you start the process, including:

  • An Active lease agreement – this may include an agreement to rent month to month – however, it must clearly be stated on the lease.
  • Landlord Affidavit & W-9 IRS form
  • South Carolina photo ID 
  • Proof of your decrease in income/employment due to COVID-19

Documents may include:

  • Pay stubs
  • Bank statements from the previous 90 days – if self-employed
  • Unemployment statement showing you are not approved for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($600 additional weekly benefit)
  • TANF statement
  • Tax return 
  • Social Security check stubs or proof of deposit
  • Pension statement
  • Veterans benefit statement
  • Proof of alimony
  • Proof of child support
  • Workman’s compensation check stubs
  • Military pay stubs

3 – What if I don’t have these documents?

There are alternative documents that you can submit if you do not have some listed above. For example, if you do not have a South Carolina ID with your current address, you can submit two utility bills with your name and the address on your lease. If you don’t have a bank account or access to your pay stubs, you can complete and submit a Statement of Income. The Statement of Income is available for self-employed applicants or applicants with employers who pay them in cash. If you have more questions about document alternatives, you can email us at COVID19rentalassistance@scthrive.org.

4 – How long does it take to process the application?

After submission, your application could take up to 30 days to process. Once your application has been approved, we’ll send payment directly to the property owner or management companies.

5 – How do I apply?

There are three ways to submit your Rental Assistance Program Application.

  1. The best way is to electronically fill out and submit your application through Thrive Hub.
  2. Submit your application via encrypted email at COVID19rentalassistance@scthrive.org. Before you send your application, you need to email this address so they can send you a secure email.
  3. Fax your application and supporting documents at 833.520.4785.

You can apply using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer with the Google Chrome browser. Be sure to fill in all required fields, upload all your supporting documents, and digitally sign your application before submission.

6 – What if I own my home?

While the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program is just for renters, there are other resources for homeowners. Learn more about mortgage assistance options HERE.

7 – What if I have a roomate?

We can only accept one application per active lease. If you are living with a roommate and both of you have separate leases, then each of you can apply.

8 – What if I get denied?

If you are denied, we encourage you to re-apply. You may be eligible even if you were initially denied. We recognize that situations can change, so you can apply as many times as you need. Learn more about how to reapply for the COIVD-19 Rental Assistance Program below.

9 – ?Qué pasa si hablo español?

Si habla español, puede descargar ESTA APLICACIÓN y enviar su solicitud completa con todos los documentos requeridos por fax al 833-520-4785.

10 – What if I’ve received an eviction notice?

If you have received an eviction notice, or if you received an eviction notice while waiting for your application to process, you are still potentially eligible for assistance. We have worked with tenants, magistrates, and landlords who are in the eviction process.

We hope this information helps you gain a greater understanding of the program. This is just a brief overview of the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program. For more details and to apply CLICK HERE.