10th Annual Training: Making an Impact Virtually

Active. Innovative. Impactful.

These are some of the words used to describe SC Thrive’s Annual Training.

This year has brought about lots of change and, what traditionally is an in-person conference, will now be held 100% virtually.

As we quickly approach our “Decade of Endurance” themed training we spoke with past attendees who are already registered to get their thoughts on this year’s virtual twist.

Making a Virtual Impact

Bekah Clawson, Executive Director of HOPE in Lancaster, Inc., regularly attends SC Thrive’s Annual Training with her full staff.  In fact, they use Annual Training as their yearly retreat for networking and professional development.

Despite a few hurdles, they have found a unique way to still have their retreat experience virtually. They will be able to attend the conference together at the Lancaster Council on Aging Building. Because they currently are not allowing seniors inside due to the pandemic, the HOPE team will be able to safely distance in the vacant building while participating in the sessions.

Clawson shares, “I’m going to cater food in and then we’re all going to go to a nice dinner on Monday night together […] that’s how I’m being creative so that we don’t lose that time to be together and talk and of course we will socially distance and mask, but we’re on the front lines our agency obviously and we have not stopped working.”

Since the start of the pandemic the agency’s work has nearly quadrupled according to Clawson.  Attendees from HOPE in Lancaster, like many other organizations, leave the training with fresh connections and resources that help them throughout the year.

“At that conference we could also do a whole lot of networking we really enjoyed you know with all the vendors that were there,” shares Clawson.

Speaking with Shawna Humphries, Chief Project Coordinator for Iron Sharpens Iron, about her experiences as an exhibitor last year showed how other participants are adjusting to the virtual scene.

At their booth last year, Iron Sharpens Iron handed out scissors and candy. Unfortunately, we have not figured out how to pass out candy virtually yet, but Humphries is excited to see how things will turn out for all the vendors. 

“I think our big takeaway from that would be seeing how it’s set up because we’ve had to move into the virtual world for facilitations and that has been a challenge. It’s been a fun challenge, but definitely a challenge,” Humphries explains.

Another point of interest for virtual training is seeing the different ways each participant can fully immerse themselves in the technology.

“As an exhibitor I had to be outside you know of the sessions at all times and so it’ll be neat to be able to do both sides of that, […] be in the sessions and do the table and not be stuck in one spot,” says Humphries.

Virtual or not, SC Thrive’s 10th Annual Training is shaping up to be just as impactful as years prior.

The idea that crisis brings about change is playing a major role for countless agencies and organizations across the state. Like many others, we are quickly adapting to a digitally centered world.

After all, this truly has been a decade of endurance!

Join us for 10th Annual Training!

There’s still space for you to take part in 10th Annual Training on September 28-29. To register, visit scthrive.org/annualtraining.