Executive Leadership Team

Staff__0032_Tricia Richardson.jpg

Tricia Richardson

Chief Executive Officer
Staff__0001_Allie Boykin.jpg


Chief Financial Officer
Staff__0028_Stephanie McGuire.jpg

Stephanie McGuire

Chief Development Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Andre Chishom Headshot

Andre Chishom

Director of Contact Center
Staff__0002_Beth Shaull.jpg

Beth Franklin

Senior Director of Operations
Staff__0024_Richard Moses.jpg


Chief Community Relations Officer
Crystal Phillips

Crystal Phillips

Director of Training
Staff__0003_Charlotte Rankin EDITED-

Charlotte Rankin

Chief Administrative Officer
Staff__0005_Janise Wright

Janise Wright

Director of Engagement
_0029__0016_Katrina Seastrunk.jpg.jpg

Katrina Seastrunk

Director of Data & Reporting
Staff__0008_Jasmin Tucker.jpg

Jasmin Tucker

Director of Grants
Brian Wingard Headshot

Brian Wingard

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Engagement Team

_0011__0005_Shannon Griggs.JPG.jpg

Shannon Griggs

Partner Engagement Manager
Kristen Tyler Headshot

Kristen Tyler

Client Engagement Coordinator
Jesika Evans Headshot

Jesika Evans

Partner Engagement Coordinator
Natosha Hayward

Natosha Hayward

Partner Engagement Coordinator
Staff__0029_Tasha McClendon.jpg

Tasha McClendon

Client Engagement Coordinator


_0023__0011_Wade Brazell.jpg.jpg

Wade Brazell

Facilities Manager
Staff__0025_Sharon James-Hilyer.jpg

Sharon James-Hilyer

Financial Coordinator
Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore

Administrative Assistant
Hillary Olheiser

Hillary Olheiser

Accounting Manager
Staff__0002_Michelle Pinkney

Michelle Pinkney

Human Resources Manager
Staff__0004_Shelley Rhea

Shelley Rhea

Executive Manager

Impact Team

Joan Pachuta Headshot

Joan Pachuta

Impact Manager
John Nichols Headshot 2

John Nichols

Benefits Coordinator
Anjanette Smith

Anjanette Smith

Care Coordinator
Jessica Chiles

Jessica Chiles

Impact Coordinator
Christopher O'Berry Headshot

Christopher O'Berry

Benefits Coordinator
Kendra Wilson Headshot

Kendra Wilson

Resource Coordinator
Carson Floyd Headshot

Carson Floyd

Benefits Coordinator
Colleen Potts Headshots

Colleen Potts

Thrive Hub Coordinator
LaToya Geddis Staff Photo

LaToya Geddis

Outreach Coordinator
Alexis Rhodes

Alexis Rhodes

Impact Coordinator


Margaret Lackey

Margaret Lackey

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
_0013__0006_Shannon Simmons.jpg.jpg

Shannon Simmons

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Latoya Tyree Headshot

Latoya Tyree

Marketing Coordinator



Barbara Miller

Sr. Training Specialist
Elizabeth Cruz Headshot

Elizabeth Cruz

Training Coordinator
Michael Haynes Headshot

Michael Haynes

Training Coordinator

Contact Center

_0010__0005_Cedric Mallett.jpg.jpg

Cedric Mallett

Contact Center Manager
Wanda Gonzalez Headshot

Wanda Gonzalez

Contact Center Supervisor

Benefits Counselors

Stephanie Peebles Headshot

Stephanie Peebles

Benefits Counselor Lead

Miriam Clark

_0014__0007_Diana Counts.jpg.jpg

Diana Counts

Emily Elorza Headshot

Emily Elorza

Theresa Gunter Headshot

Theresa Gunter

Bernard Hasan Headshot

Bernard Hasan


Kim Meyers

Brandy Zelaya Headshot

Brandy Zelaya

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