COVID-19 Vaccine Myths & Misconceptions

It’s okay to have questions. Everyone deserves answers. Do you know your options for the COVID-19 vaccine? How do you know which sources and information about COVID-19 are accurate? It’s no surprise you’ve heard rumors about the COVID-19 vaccines on social media or from people in your life. The different types of vaccine information conveyed…

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Join Survive 2 Thrive a Women Veteran Support Group: Help End the Stigma of Veteran Mental Health Challenges

Survive 2 Thrive A Women Veterans Support Group

SC Thrive has created a Women Veteran Support Group called Survive 2 Thrive. This support group will help Veterans release some of their struggles through open communication and hear about how others use strategies to overcome similar experiences and difficulties. Any Woman Veteran living in South Carolina can join Survive 2 Thrive. All meetings will…

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Your 2021 Tax Filing Questions Answered!

Tax season can be a stressful time, especially with the various financial situations families experienced this year. You may have to take a few extra steps this tax season to ensure your return is accurate. Here are the top 2021 tax filing questions answered. I received Advanced Child Tax Credit payments. How will this impact…

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Kickstart a Healthy New Year with These Helpful Resources!

It is officially 2022! Many people use this time of year to make positive changes in their life and set new goals to achieve. While this may seem overwhelming at first, there are countless resources available that can help kick off your healthy new year. Here are some resources SC Thrive can connect you with…

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Vaccines and the Holidays

 Last year was hard on us all with the pandemic preventing many from gathering over the holiday season. The pandemic has reshaped life as we once knew it. Many undoubtedly insist on celebrating with others this upcoming 2021 holiday season. Unfortunately, large-scale gatherings increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. While holiday traditions are important for families and children, there are several ways to enjoy the holidays and protect your health.  Vaccinating Your Child We are one step…

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SC Thrive Named Phase 2 Winner of the Social Care Referrals Challenge

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) recently announced SC Thrive as a Phase 2 winner of the Social Care Referrals Challenge competition. The Social Care Referrals Challenge began in March of 2020 to support holistic health and social care in the community. This national competition awards prizes to service organizations that develop and optimize technology…

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State Impact Award Presented to SC Thrive for Second Time

Columbia, SC – October 26, 2021– Highlighting their continued support for South Carolinians, SC Thrive received the State Impact Award from the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina for a second time. Through strategic partnerships, direct outreach, innovative technology, and a dedicated Contact Center, SC Thrive has continually shown its passion for supporting South Carolina.…

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The 46 Veteran Salute Presented by SC Thrive

46 Veteran Salute

Columbia, SC – October 11, 2021 – SC Thrive, a statewide nonprofit, calls for nominations to honor 46 Veterans across the state. This event, entitled The 46 Veteran Salute will recognize one Veteran in each county in South Carolina with a certificate and a meal voucher. Beginning November 1, 2021, the recipients will be announced…

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Mental Health Myths: Dispelling Common Stigmas

Group of individuals sitting and having a conversation with text that reads dispelling common mental health myths

What do you think is the most common mental health myth?  Misinformation surrounding topics on mental health can be confusing to people facing a mental illness and their loved ones. It is important to address these myths so people can recognize symptoms of mental illness and move toward a healthy lifestyle. Below are mental health…

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