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Mental Health Month
April 25, 2017
Anyone. Anywhere.
Anyone. Anywhere.
May 26, 2017

Breakfast & Mental Health

Breakfast & Mental Health

Do you eat breakfast? Do you support Mental Health? Do you wish you could combine your breakfast & mental health initiatives? We have the event for you! Tuesday, May 2 is Midlands Gives and we’re raising money for Mental Health First Aid Programs!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 this year for Mental Health First Aid during Midlands Gives. By donating to SC Thrive on this day or scheduling a gift beforehand, you will support SC Thrive’s Mental Health First Aid efforts. You can participate in Midlands Gives at Please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@scthrive) to stay up-to-date on this event. Thank you for your help in leading South Carolinians from crisis to self-sustainability!

How do you donate?

  1. Visit to make a donation
  2. Eat Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch at Le Peep in the Vista and a portion of the proceeds will benefit SC Thrive!

Help support SC Thrive during Midlands Gives. Supporting Mental Health? That’s a no-brainer!