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CharityTracker™ Plus

Looking for a Community Case Management Solution?

CharityTracker Plus is a simple and efficient approach to shared community case management. Through a secure, user-friendly system, CharityTracker Plus allows community-based organizations to collect Client information essential to developing community resources and amplifying strategic plans, while reducing assistance duplication. This community case management tool can also help measure collective impact and Client outcomes and refer Clients to other organizations within a Community Network.

With CharityTracker Plus, you can do the following:
  • Securely share information about Clients with other organizations in your Community Network
  • Generate detailed reports providing agency and community demographics
  • Increase collaboration among faith-based organizations, schools, food banks and other social service agencies
  • Encourage valuable communications and accountability through reliable technology
  • Track a Client's journey to sustainability by setting goals and measuring outcomes
  • Use information collected to analyze and address Client needs, along with tracking outcomes on a community, organizational and personal level