Taxes & Financial Wellness


Need to file your State and Federal Taxes?

  • Last year, South Carolinians submitted approximately 9,000 tax returns through Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid.
  • With SC Thrive, you can file your South Carolina State and Federal Taxes quickly, easily and at no cost if your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is less than $65,000 ($95,000 if your filing status is married filing jointly).
  • Through Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid, you can get all of your return back—no filing fees or unexpected charges.
  • You can use Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid your own taxes, or you can find an SC Thrive Tax Site to connect with an SC Thrive Tax Counselor. Our Tax Sites are organizations and agencies in your communities that you already know and trust like libraries, food banks, churches and schools!
  • Using Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid, you can complete up to three years prior back taxes, as well as the current year's taxes.
  • With e-filing and direct deposit, you will usually get your refund within seven to ten business days.

Are you a student?
You can also complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Worksheet through Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid. When you do this, the system populated your tax information into the FAFSA Worksheet, so there's no need to enter the same information twice!

Financial Wellness

Ready to take control of your finances?

Want to reduce your debt, establish a rainy day fund or even buy a home, save for a college fund or create a retirement fund? SC Thrive partners with Money Management International (MMI) to bring free credit counseling and Debt Management Assistance to South Carolinians. Money Management International has certified counselors who are committed to helping individuals overcome obstacles and reach their financial goals. Find your path to financial freedom and take advantage of MMI tools to increase your knowledge and achieve your financial goals.

You can access our Financial Wellness services by calling 1.800.726.8774 and choosing option 3.