The Mind-Body Experience

Have you ever had tense shoulders for days on end? Do you experience recurring headaches? Human beings experience stress. Sometimes, underlying thoughts and feelings can go unknown as the culprit. Yoga is a daily activity that can help your mind-body experience!

Research has shown that a healthy mind and healthy body are interconnected. The number of self-care practices that bring the two even closer together are vast. However, if you like knocking out multiple tasks at once, give yoga a try! The American Psychological Association highlight numerous studies conducted by leading health professionals that suggest the benefits of yoga extend beyond the flexibility to touch your toes. Our unmanaged stress often contributes to chronic mental and physical illnesses. Yoga combines physical exercise, deep breathing and focus. Research has shown that participants become more resilient, less steessed and have better concentration after regularly practicing yoga.

There are different levels of yoga, so you can find anything from strenuous to reviving yoga. Think about giving it a try! You can find YouTube videos, visit your local YMCA or join a studio; the choice is yours!

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About the Author:

Lauren Hulstrand is the Mental Health Project Coordinator at SC Thrive. She is currently providing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training at no cost to community members in Spartanburg County thanks to a generous SAMHSA grant. She works closely with the United Way of the Piedmont and intends to train 1200 First Aiders by September 2018. To date, she has spent over 150 hours training in Mental Health First Aid courses.