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Put Money Back in Your Clients’ Pockets

Put Money Back In Your Clients' Pockets

Did you know there’s a way to money directly back to your Clients with SC Thrive? Using our intuitive Application Completion Tool, The Benefit Bank, Clients can have 100% of their tax refunds. If your Clients make less than $65,000 filing individually or $95,000 filing jointly, they can use this fast and free electronic tax filing system. Clients can file their own taxes using Self-Serve or through a trained SC Thrive Tax Counselor. In most cases, Clients receive their refund within 7-10 business days of filing. If your Clients haven’t filed their taxes recently, they can also use our Application Completion Tool to file up to three years’ back taxes!

Why should I become an SC Thrive Tax Counselor?

1. Clients receive 100% of their refund Instead of spending over $100 to file their taxes, your clients can file for free using our Application Completion Tool. Help your Clients get their full refund and prevent them from using predatory tax filing practices, like Refund Anticipation Checks. Keep your Clients’ money in their pockets and help them move closer to self-sustainability by filing their taxes for free.

2. Tax refunds provide immediate economic impact to your community  Bring money back to your community through tax filing. With 100% of their refund back in their pockets, your clients can purchase groceries, pay bills, buy vehicles, save, invest or make other purchases they had been delaying. These purchases will provide positive economic impact in your communities.

3. You’re building additional capacity to your organization  Using the simple, secure system you already know and trust, The Benefit Bank, your organization can provide an additional service to your clients. This new service can help further your missions of health, wholeness, security, sustainability and wellness.

4. Your organization and your clients will have access to Financial Wellness information Provide your clients with information about money management, debt, banking and budgeting through our partnership with Money Management International! Your clients can call 1.800.726.8774 to access Financial Wellness services at no cost!

5. You can see the immediate impact in your clients’ lives Our software actively seeks the maximum refund for a Client, searching for all the credits they may qualify for, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit.

How do I become an SC Thrive Tax Counselor?

1. Register for an in-person Tax Counselor Training  Visit to check out all of our scheduled trainings.

2. Register for our online Tax Counselor Training  Head to and choose “get the course” to begin your registration. An SC Thrive representative will verify that you are a trained Benefits Counselor before you receive access to the course.

3. Contact our Tax Team with questions  Send us an email at with any questions you have about becoming an SC Thrive Tax Counselor for 2017!