CommUNITY Communication
Nonprofits across the state are accomplishing great things in their communities, unfortunately, those achievements aren’t always known by potential clients and community members. Join SC Thrive’s Marketing and Outreach Departments to learn how to increase your organization’s branding and ensure your community knows your triumphs.

CommUNITY Impact
Discover how SC Thrive partner sites make a positive impact on our communities by collaborating with local organizations and merging resources. Explore how integrating multiple community services into your agency will have a greater impact on your clients as well as your community.

CommUNITY Mental Health
Approximately 20% of US adults will experience a mental health illness in a given year and many do not seek treatment. This creates added barriers for our clients and has a visible impact on the community. Find out what organizations are doing to address this need.

CommUNITY Connection
Learn how to effectively communicate with your community stakeholders. Learn how communicating strategies with other organizations in an engaging way will benefit your clients.

CommUNITY Solutions
Now that you have learned how to brand your organization; you have learned to collaborate with agencies making a positive impact on your clients; you have learned what resources are available; and you have learned how to effectively communicate your strategies-- let’s pull it all together, come up with some solutions and move forward!