Taxes | SC Thrive


How can SC Thrive help your Clients with taxes?

Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid offers technology and collaboration to help move people toward greater financial stability. Through Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid, people can file both Federal and South Carolina State taxes at no cost. Clients can file their own taxes through the Self-Serve system or get help at an SC Thrive Tax Site. SC Thrive's trained Tax Counselors can help neighbors, Clients or congregations file their Federal and South Carolina State Taxes. A growing number of organizations across the state have discovered how easy it is to help their Clients file their taxes and the advantages it offers to their communities.

To become an SC Thrive Tax Site:
  • Organization must be an active SC Thrive Site
  • Organization must have active SC Thrive Counselors
  • Counselor must complete SC Thrive Tax Counselor Training