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Who We Are

Who We Are


SC Thrive is a statewide nonprofit offering solutions to South Carolinians in need of resources but facing a multitude of barriers. We provide a variety of training and technology to other direct service organizations so they can more effectively help people access these resources. We meet people where they are in life, addressing their needs holistically to move them toward stability, then self-sustainability. SC Thrive focuses on food security, healthcare resources and financial wellness through work supports such as SNAP, Medicaid and tax credits, like the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credits.

In addition, SC Thrive offers Mental Health First Aid training to provide awareness and education about mental health, reducing stigma and myths surrounding mental health. We train laypeople to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health crises or issues, offering guidance on assisting someone experiencing a situation and steps to refer them to professional help.

From 2010 to January 2018, SC Thrive and our Partner Sites have brought over $601 million back to over 281,000 South Carolinians in the form of tax refunds and work supports for which they qualified, but could not apply for due to lack of knowledge or ability to navigate the complex application procedures.

We appreciate your assistance in making South Carolina stronger and look forward to working with you. We are all in this together—let's help South Carolinians thrive!

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In 2008, The Palmetto Institute started asking why families in South Carolina were leaving millions in federal funds for assistance unclaimed, yet still struggled with food insecurity, healthcare issues and basic needs. People were not accessing resources or applying for help. Upon researching solutions to this resource gap, a new way to access benefits and work supports was introduced to South Carolina.

Less than a year later, a program was formed under the direction of the South Carolina Office of Rural Health. Initial funding was provided by BlueCross BlueShield Foundation of South Carolina and The Duke Endowment and we took the message of easy access to resources across South Carolina, launching a spirit of collaboration with community leaders, state agencies and organizations.

We began with online SNAP applications and tax filing in late 2009. By May 2010, Medicaid applications were added to the work supports available through our online application completion system. Throughout 2011 and 2012, many more milestones were reached and our staff steadily grew to provide outreach, support, training and continued collaboration throughout the state.

In January 2014, SC Thrive was born. In just four short years, we had outgrown our space, evolved our mission and ventured out on our own.We had become a relevant and innovative organization providing quality training, growing expertise and access to resources for our Partner Sites and their Clients.

Today, SC Thrive is a dynamic nonprofit organization with over 25 employees. The team at SC Thrive is committed to Partner Site development and support and serving the citizens of South Carolina. We continue to connect people to resources and empower community benefit organizations all across the state with innovative programs and initiatives, expanding our services to meet the growing needs of South Carolinians as we help them Thrive!