7 Ways to Promote Mental Health

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]1.[/dropcap]Share a Story  Share an anonymous success story in a newsletter or on social media. Use a staff member to create a video of the story to share with your audience.

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]2.[/dropcap]Explain Mental Issues  Most people who haven’t experienced mental health issues have a misunderstanding of what they feel like. Find a video or an article about what mental health issues feel like or create your own to share.

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]3.[/dropcap]Get Social  Post on your organization’s social media channels in support of breaking the stigma of mental health in South Carolina or post on your own channels. You can also change your profile pictures and headers.

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]4.[/dropcap]Alert the Media Do you or your organization help with mental health issues? Do you know of an organization that is doing great things in your community for mental health? Contact your local media with your story!

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]5.[/dropcap]Write it Out Are you the eloquent type or just someone with a voice? Write a blog or an article about your ideas to break the stigma of mental health issues in South Carolina.

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]6.[/dropcap]Be Skittish Don’t be scared! Have your staff film a skit about mental health and what mental health awareness means to your community.

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]7.[/dropcap]Get Personal Don’t forget to promote mental health awareness in your personal life. You never know when a neighbor or friend may need to learn about mental health.