About SC Thrive

We need stabilized, healthy communities.

At SC Thrive, we want to help people access the resources they need to be physically, mentally, and financially healthy.


Our Clients want to care for themselves and their families and to flourish. Community partners want to help their clients reach their goals and develop their skills. Service providers want their patients to have access to care and resources that will help them succeed.


SC Thrive meets people where they are to provide innovative access to resources, training, and technology. From 2010 to 2021, SC Thrive and our partners have brought back over $800 million to over
417,000 South Carolinians in the form of tax refunds and work supports.


We are all in this together—let’s help our communities thrive!

Our Vision:

Stabilized, Healthy Communities

Our Mission

SC Thrive leads South Carolinians to stability by providing innovative and efficient access to quality of life resources.

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Our History

In 2008, The Palmetto Institute started asking why families in South Carolina were leaving millions in federal funds for assistance unclaimed, yet still struggled with food insecurity, healthcare issues, and basic needs. Less than a year later, initial funding was provided by BlueCross BlueShield Foundation of South Carolina and The Duke Endowment and we took the message of easy access to resources across South Carolina, launching a collaborative program with community leaders, state agencies, and organizations. We started off as "The Benefit Bank of South Carolina", a program of the South Carolina Office of Rural Health

In January 2014, SC Thrive was born. In just a few short years, we had outgrown our space, evolved our mission, and ventured out as our own organization. Today, SC Thrive is a dynamic nonprofit committed to partner development and support and serving the citizens of South Carolina. We continue to connect people to resources and empower community benefit organizations across the state with innovative programs and initiatives, expanding our services to meet the growing needs of South Carolinians as we help them thrive!

Our DEIA Policy Statement

SC Thrive is committed to cultivating an inclusive and supportive workplace that fosters a sense of belonging for all individuals. Employees have an opportunity to contribute to the success of our mission and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. We believe that a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, and Accessible workforce allows us to create meaningful connections with our partners and the people we serve.

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Join our vision of building stabilized, healthy communities in South Carolina.