A Giving Tuesday Statement of Gratitude

A Statement of Gratitude for Giving Tuesday

A Giving Tuesday statement of gratitude to our generous supporters.

Season’s greetings, it’s Giving Tuesday! Founded in 2012, Giving Tuesday is all about generosity during the holiday season. Nonprofits and community organizations across the nation come together to celebrate an international day of giving each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Giving Tuesday allows donors to significantly impact their communities throughout the state and nation.

We are thankful for partners that help us achieve our mission across the state; local agencies and organizations that work tirelessly to serve their communities; volunteers who step in with their acts of service; and donors who contribute their hard-earned money to fund our organization.

Since 2010, SC Thrive has helped nearly 418,000 South Carolinians access quality of life resources.

SC Thrive Partners all over the state have learned about state and federal programs, community case management, and mental health through our intentional efforts to help the whole person – physically, mentally, and financially. Our partner’s gratitude has brought us substantial growth over the last decade and for that we are immensely grateful.

We sincerely appreciate all our donors that continue to support us year after year. Remember that each donation, no matter how small, adds up to a big impact in South Carolina. Thank you for putting your faith in SC Thrive, and we hope you have a great holiday season!

You can make a donation to SC Thrive HERE.