Kickstart a Healthy New Year with These Helpful Resources!

It is officially 2022! Many people use this time of year to make positive changes in their life and set new goals to achieve. While this may seem overwhelming at first, there are countless resources available that can help kick off your healthy new year. Here are some resources SC Thrive can connect you with to help you stay physically, mentally, and financially healthy all year long.

Stay Physically Healthy

Physical health is always a hot topic at the beginning of the year with dozens of people starting new diets or workout regimens. Whether you want to find healthier food options or focus on your medical needs, here are some programs that can help support your physical health.

  • SNAP can help you put healthy food on your table this year by stretching your grocery budget. Check out some SNAP-friendly recipes HERE.
  • South Carolina Healthy Connections Medicaid provides health coverage to individuals and families with low income.
  • Healthy Connections Prime combines Medicare and Healthy Connection Medicaid benefits for seniors who are 65 or older. In addition, Medicare Savings Programs can help you cover the cost of your Medicare premiums.
  • Long-Term Care Services can include nursing home benefits or Community Long-Term Care Services.
  • Welvista Medication Assistance Program helps you get free prescriptions mailed to your home . To check the list of available medications, visit HERE.

Call 800.726.8774 to start your application over the phone today.

Support Your Mental Health

While the holiday season may be considered the most wonderful time of the year, it also brings about mental health concerns for those that may be struggling with a crisis. Supporting mental health is important in 2022 as families continue to face challenges surrounding COVID. Take extra time this year to focus on self-care with these mental health resources.

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – This training teaches you the signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis. We offer Adult and Youth MHFA trainings. Your team can attend virtually or in person. Find more information on MHFA Training HERE.
  • Mental Health Matters – In this series, you can learn more about thriving through crises and preserving mental health in tough times. Each conversation focuses on a different topic and has an expert guest to share helpful information.. You can watch the playlist of our past Mental Health Matters broadcasts HERE.
  • Veterans Women’s Support Group – Attend our peer-to-peer support group called Survive 2 Thrive. This support group aims to help women Veterans release some of their struggles through open communication and hear about how others use strategies to overcome similar experiences and difficulties. Any woman Veteran living in South Carolina can join Survive 2 Thrive. Meetings will take place virtually through Zoom. The first meeting was on December 10, 2021, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. [UPDATE 08.29.2023: Survive 2 Thrive support group sessions are not available at this time.]

Manage Your Financial Health

Did holiday spending set your finances back? Don’t stress! It’s never too late to start planning your financial future and set yourself up for a healthy new year. Here are some useful financial health resources we offer that can help you understand and manage your finances better.

  • Financial Health Trainings teach strategies for managing your money. You can learn how to create spending goals and plan for future savings. The financial health trainings include:
    • Financial Health 101
    • Credit & Credit Reporting
    • Debt & Financial Recovery

You can sign up for an upcoming training HERE.

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a program that offers cash assistance, employment training, childcare, and other supportive services. If you are part of a family with children that meets certain income limits, you may qualify for TANF.
  • A Budget Sheet can help create a spending plan and make the most of your budget. You can download our budget sheet HERE.
  • Free Tax Filing with SC Thrive allows you to avoid costly preparation fees. If you qualify, you can use our self-serve tax portal to securely file your state and federal taxes online. To learn more about tax filing with SC thrive visit HERE.

We hope this helps you kick off a healthy new year. Don’t forget our SC Thrive team is here to help you connect to resources you may need year-round. If you want to learn more about the services we offer or apply for a program, contact SC Thrive at 800.726.8774 today!