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Partner with Us

Become a Partner Site

  1. Send us an email at to let us know you're interested in becoming an SC Thrive Partner Site!
  2. SC Thrive will visit your organization to learn more about the services you provide to your community, the Clients you serve and give an overview of our services.
  3. Together, we create a plan to help you efficiently implement SC Thrive services into your workflow.
  4. Your Regional Contact will send your organization an electronic memorandum of understanding to be read, completed, signed and submitted.
  5. Organizational staff and volunteers of your choosing will register for and complete Security Awareness Training, a background check and SC Thrive Benefits Counselor Training.
  6. After Completing required trainings, your staff and volunteers will be able to assist your Clients!
Click HERE to learn more about Assisting your Clients!

Become an SC Thrive Counselor

  1. If your organization is not yet an SC Thrive Partner Site:
    • Follow the steps above to become an SC Thrive Partner Site.
  2. If your organization is an SC Thrive Partner Site:
    • Register for an SC Thrive Benefits Counselor Training.
    • Complete the required background check and Security Awareness Training before attending SC Thrive Benefit Counselor Training.
    • Successfully complete SC Thrive Benefit Counselor Training
    • Log into Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid and begin serving your Clients with application assistance!
Click HERE to register for SC Thrive Trainings!

Join a Community Network

What is a Community Network?
SC Thrive is the statewide contact for CharityTracker Plus, a community case management tool that provides simple and efficient approach to shared community case management. SC Thrive has Community Networks across South Carolina.
Click HERE to learn more about CharityTracker!

How do I join a Community Network?
Contact to join a Community Network in your area.

Become an SC Thrive SNAP Partner

What is an SC Thrive SNAP Partner?
SC Thrive is a lead organization on the SNAP Outreach Grant Project for South Carolina. The goal of the project is to conduct SNAP outreach by recruiting community and faith-based organizations to offer screening to Clients for SNAP eligibility and to assist potential SNAP applicants in completing applications for SNAP. We invite other organizations from across the state to partner with us as a part of this grant to provide SNAP outreach to their communities and educate South Carolinians about SNAP, nutrition and healthy eating. Currently, we have 17 SNAP partners for the 2016-2017 grant year. Our SNAP partners commit to using SC Thrive services, including electronic benefit application submission through Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid, to assist Clients in completing and submitting SNAP applications.

How do I become a SNAP Partner?
Submit a request in writing to

Become an SC Thrive Military & Veteran Site

Become an SC Thrive Tax Site