Don’t Miss Out because of the Vaccine

Dont miss out

The ease or freedom to travel, work, socialize and engage in leisure activities may be determined by one’s COVID vaccination status. COVID-19 vaccines are crucial to building immunity against the virus. Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is safer in building protection than getting sick with the virus. Getting sick with COVID-19 can have serious consequences. Still, questioning the COVID-19 vaccine? Are you wondering what restrictions are in place for those not vaccinated? Here is what we know.

Fear of Missing Out

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to cancel many things. As we enter spring and the weather starts to warm, many people will choose to spend their time doing something they enjoy. The coronavirus pandemic has altered nearly every facet of our lives: how we work, learn, parent, eat, socialize and more. These many changes have caused us to reflect on life before COVID-19. We now find ourselves longing for the simple moments, interactions, and experiences we never gave much thought to before.

Many businesses and individuals started to require vaccination to patronize their establishments or attend their events. This mandate first went into effect in August 2021. It affected foreign travel, visiting senior facilities, private events, employment, shopping, and recreational activities. Some major colleges and universities also have required their students to get the vaccine to return to in-person classes. You may still miss out on getting an invite if you’re not vaccinated, even though the vaccine mandate for select indoor businesses, like restaurants and entertainment, expired on March 7, 2022.

Don’t Miss Out on Traveling

Do you plan to travel soon? Travel has dramatically changed since the start of COVID-19. Getting the proper COVID test, finding a place at the airport where you can keep a safe distance from other passengers, booking airfare that is both affordable and refundable if your plans change, and lessening your expectations about what it means to find happiness while traveling are all factors. Oh, let’s not forget about making sure you don’t get infected with the coronavirus during your trip. Keep up with the latest from the CDC HERE.

Fear of Going Out

The pandemic caused some individuals to experience the fear of missing out and the fear of going out. The constant worry of being infected when going out stopped many people from enjoying time with their families. People were confused about what actions to take to keep themselves and their families safe due to contradictory information from news outlets and social media. The rollout of vaccinations and boosters has offered protection against a highly transmissible virus. But it also allowed a return to much-missed freedoms, from seeing loved ones and socializing to shopping and traveling. When you are up to date on your COVID-19 vaccination, you can resume many activities with proper precautions, like wearing a mask in indoor public spaces.

Vaccines can help prevent severe illness and death. All steps have been taken to ensure that vaccines are safe and effective for people ages five years and older. If you already had COVID-19, you should still get a COVID-19 vaccine for added protection. Help keep yourself and others healthy. Get a COVID-19 vaccination and booster shot, wear a mask when needed, and follow the latest guidelines. Safely get back to the activities you love this season by getting vaccinated. Find your nearest vaccine location and learn how you can get a free ride at