Finding Help You Need: How Thrive Hub Redefines Social Care in South Carolina

Finding Help You Need Thrive Hub Redefines Social Care In South Carolina

Working in the social care sector presents unique challenges for organizations across South Carolina. We are tasked with addressing social determinants of health that affect an incredibly diverse population. We often meet people during their most stressful moments.

Since the start of the pandemic, people-serving organizations have leveraged technology to adapt and evolve to serve their communities. Technology like Thrive Hub allows organizations to safely meet people where they are. In addition, counselors can easily connect clients to resources they may need. Thrive Hub is a South Carolina exclusive social care system that has positively impacted communities in our state and will continue to be an essential part of the evolving social care field. It was built especially for the social serving sector with input from leaders in social care.

Reassured families

Thrive Hub is an excellent tool for people-serving organizations in education, healthcare, faith communities and more because it establishes a one stop shop for quality-of-life resources.

A family facing food security and healthcare concerns can apply for SNAP and Healthy Connections Medicaid in one appointment with a trained Thrive Hub counselor. These streamlined application processes save clients and counselors time and money—time that counselors can use to learn how to better serve their clients and money that families can put back into their pockets and use to cover other expenses. Efficiencies like this are crucial for organizations as they continue to navigate through the pandemic and beyond.

Reenergized case managers

With Thrive Hub, those working in social care in South Carolina can increase their capacity with access to multiple resources to help their communities thrive. You can re-focus on why you serve and work compassionately with clients with the proper tools.

In Thrive Hub, many functions easily go beyond simply applying for benefits. Through EvaluationMatrix, you can track progress across different categories of social determinants of health. You can send closed-loop referrals like other Social Health Access Referral Platforms (SHARPs). Our Benefits Cliffs Calculator can help set up your clients and patients for success in the long run as they move across the continuum of care.

Thrive Hub offers these essential features that allow you to work toward your team’s goals seamlessly.

“If I was told we couldn’t use Thrive Hub or partner with SC Thrive anymore, that would be a deal-breaker for me. Thrive Hub is so easy, and SC Thrive is so supportive!”

Kim Reyes, Long-Term Care Counselor, Appalachian Council of Governments

Reunited across the state

Through Thrive Hub, we aim to seamlessly connect organizations, case managers and clients to the resources they need. In our work over the past 12 years serving our state, we have seen overwhelmed case managers become empowered to help clients with compassion. We have seen clients gain hope for the future because of the resources they can easily access at once. We understand the challenges specific to our state and recognize that we are all in this together to help South Carolinians.

Working in the social care sector is continually a rewarding pursuit for professionals across South Carolina. Using the right tools, your team can continue to increase your community impact with access to innovative technology like Thrive Hub.

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