Recognizing Positive Impacts During National Nonprofit Day

Recognizing Positive Impacts Celebrate Nonprofit Day in South Carolina

National Nonprofit Day recognizes the effort charities and nonprofits put into making a difference in their communities. From community food banks, affordable housing, legal services, and education; nonprofits provide a large variety of necessary help that would otherwise be unmet by corporations and governmental agencies. This day is observed on August 17th to help us be mindful about remembering and celebrating what they do.

Ways to Observe Nonprofit Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Nonprofit Day. You can start a project or spend your time helping a local business. Use this time to celebrate those contributing to your organization’s success, from volunteers and employees to corporate partners and local businesses supporting your work. You can find ways to bring attention to organizations that are doing great things. Let people know how they can join HERE.  

Our Nonprofit

SC Thrive was founded in 2014 as a nonprofit organization that helps South Carolinians navigate the complex systems of available benefits, leading those in need to stability while positively impacting the quality of life in communities across South Carolina. Our organization’s vision is Stabilized, Healthy Communities. We want to help communities across South Carolina find easy access to the resources they need.

How Can You Help

Now’s your chance to applaud those doing amazing things in your community. SC Thrive partners with organizations that provide direct services to clients and communities. Our partner sites include anywhere people live, work, play, pray, learn and grow across the state of South Carolina. SC Thrive meets people where they are and helps simplify complex processes—giving South Carolina residents more efficient access to the quality-of-life resources needed to move toward stability. Find out how you can contribute to SC Thrive’s mission HERE.