How Can You Support SC Thrive?

Let’s help those in need find stability and improve quality of life in South Carolina

When you support SC Thrive, you are:

  • Creating an easier, clearer path for our most vulnerable neighbors to access stabilizing resources
  • Enabling people-serving organizations statewide to help in more effective, efficient, and collaborative ways
  • Promoting physical, mental, and financial health and stability across South Carolina.

“I love doing what I do! That's why I was excited about this partnership because I knew it would provide a great impact on the community! I do it for the people.” -SC Thrive Counselor

"I'm in property management and know times are tough for a lot of people. Organizations are overloaded with the amount of requests for funds; but SC Thrive really went above and beyond for one of my residents. I appreciate y’all staying late tonight & assisting me in keeping another family off the streets.” - Community Member

Ways to support SC Thrive:

  • DONATE to our programs and services, supporting all that we do.
  • SPONSOR an event or training, offer a scholarship to attend one of our trainings, or even a resource specifically for your community. To learn more about sponsoring SC Thrive resources in your community, contact us below!
  • SHOP with Amazon Smile, naming SC Thrive as your favorite organization. Part of your purchase will support our work. Learn more about Amazon Smile HERE

Let's Help Those in Need Find Stability and Improve Quality of Life in South Carolina

Support SC Thrive

Wondering how you can support our mission? Consider donating.