State Impact Award Presented to SC Thrive for Second Time

Columbia, SC – October 26, 2021– Highlighting their continued support for South Carolinians, SC Thrive received the State Impact Award from the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina for a second time. Through strategic partnerships, direct outreach, innovative technology, and a dedicated Contact Center, SC Thrive has continually shown its passion for supporting South Carolina. Hosted by the South Carolina Hospital Association, the award was presented during the virtual Live Healthy SC Annual Meeting.

During the meeting, SC Thrive staff members reflected on their roles and service to South Carolina. SC Thrive employees shared that their social service management system, Thrive Hub, provides hope for clients because they are impressed with the benefits they are eligible to access.

SC Thrive CEO, Tricia Richardson said, “We are honored to receive the State Impact Award from the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina for a second time. I’m humbled by the compassion and dedication our partners and staff have continually shown over the years. Working together with our partners has ensured a greater impact in South Carolina for those we serve. I am honored to lead such an amazing organization”

In 2019, SC Thrive was presented the State Impact Award for its dedication to creating a healthier state. This year, SC Thrive was recognized for continuing to navigate the needs of individuals in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina is a coalition of more than 50 executive leaders from diverse organizations across the state working together to improve the health and well-being of all South Carolinians.

About SC Thrive:

SC Thrive helps South Carolinians navigate the complex systems of available benefits, leading those in need to stability while positively impacting quality of life in communities statewide.