Your Social Services Technology Needs These 5 Things

Counselor using a laptop while helping a client with text that says 5 Things Your Social Services Technology Needs

Let’s face it, working in the social sector comes with challenges. The last thing we want to think about is a technology barrier that prevents us from doing our job to the best of our ability.

SC Thrive is excited to offer Thrive Hub to community-serving organizations in South Carolina. Thrive Hub, powered by Good Grid, is a one-stop shop social services technology platform that connects clients, community partners, service providers, business and state agencies.

If you are curious about adopting a new platform, note these five must-haves in a social serving system to make sure you are investing in the best technology for your team.

1. Unified Data

We understand how vital reporting is in nonprofit organizations. Often the data you collect throughout the year connects to the funding your programs receive. Thrive Hub captures crucial data points in demographics such as household size, age, income level, military status, and more. Recording multiple statistics through Thrive Hub is simple because all your data is archived digitally. With this bank of information, your team will have a better picture of the community as a whole. Soon you will be on your way to creating accurate, detailed reports that increase your organization’s trust and efficiency.

2. Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Helping a client stay organized can be challenging, especially during a crisis. Handing families a stack of pamphlets and brochures listing resources may not be the most effective way to lend help. Furthermore, waiting for client files to transfer to various organizations can be time-consuming or lead to lost information. With Thrive Hub parents, doctors, counselors, caseworkers are all connected in one online location. Other features organizations can use include social determinants of health assessments that are built into the system, closed-loop referrals and benefits applications.

When organizations share data through social services technology, information can flow seamlessly. Multiple teams can work toward the same goal of serving their community.

3. Collective Support

Countless case managers express their passion for serving their community but often lack the proper support they need to fulfill their duties efficiently. With a Thrive Hub profile, case managers can search for specific clients at any time and update their account when personal information such as address, dependents, or employment status need to change. Real-time updates allow your entire team to be on the same page with each client that visits. You will have less duplicated data and can serve your client more efficiently, saving time and resources all around.

4. Safety and Security

Today, privacy is a top priority for families across the nation. As social sector leaders, we must ensure that our client’s sensitive information is stored in a safe place online. Fortunately, Thrive Hub provides multiple layers of protection for counselors and clients. Counselors create their profiles separate from their organization. After applicants make a Thrive Hub account, they create their own secure login for later use. To ensure security information is encrypted allowing organizations to stay within HIPAA compliance.

5. Client-First Approach

Many clients we serve have busy lives or are in stressful situations when they reach out to us. Between work and childcare, they may not be able to visit multiple agencies in a day to get everything they need. Thankfully, Thrive Hub offers a “client-first” model by connecting multiple resources at once making it a centralized access point for various needs. For example, a family can apply for Medicaid and SNAP in the same appointment, giving them more time that they can use to support their other needs.

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