Get Ready for SC Thrive’s Annual Training 2022 in Greenville 

Get ready for SC Thrive’s Annual Training! Every year we strive to make this training impactful, fun, and engaging. This year the theme is Better, Brighter, Balanced. Better, Brighter, Balanced embodies what we strive toward every day. Better solutions to address challenges. Brighter mindsets that look to the future with positivity. Balanced leaders who can confidently and effectively serve their community’s needs. In 2022, we want to help you be Better, Brighter and Balanced in all aspects of your work.

SC Thrive started hosting Annual Training in 2010 to provide learning, collaboration, and networking opportunities for new and existing partners. The purpose of SC Thrive’s Annual Training is to bring community organizations together to learn how to better serve their clients, working toward stabilized, healthy communities. We continue to exceed attendee expectations by providing high-quality, forward-thinking speakers. Take a look at what some of our past attendees had to say:

“I think the virtual conference was a success. I love SC Thrive conferences. I always take something back to do my job and to serve my community better.”

-Annual Training 2021 Attendee

“Phenomenal presenter and invaluable presentation. Great job painting a picture of how yesterday’s overt and legal discrimination still impacts the health and wellbeing of people today. I appreciate the introduction to a Sankofa moment and an important reminder that, we are all in the same boat. SC is a poor and primarily rural state. Our citizens are suffering from the lack of equitable services. We can change that, and I hope this presentation served as an example of how it can be done working together.“

-Annual Training Attendee

“[The speaker] was very open and relatable. I understood the message, and he kept me wanting to know more about how I can assist a reentry citizen in trusting the process.”

-Annual Training Attendee

Over the past two years, we have had to adapt to the limitations that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. We love coming together for in-person training but had to shift to virtual training to protect our staff, attendees, and the people we serve in the community. While some people preferred not to travel across the state, others find in-person training to be more engaging both during and after sessions. SC Thrive strives to make it an enjoyable experience, whatever your training preference is.

While the countdown to Annual Training 2022 is just beginning, we are excited to return to in-person this year. We made many great Annual Training memories over the years, and we can’t wait to create new ones this year! We would love for you to be a part of building Better, Brighter, Balanced communities in South Carolina. We have two great keynote speakers who are ready to share their knowledge and pass on ways to build brighter communities: Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Communication Pathologist, Cognitive Neuroscientist & Author of Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess and Anthony A. Dicks, Jr., Senior Leadership Consultant of 180 Management Group. SC Thrive’s Annual Training is an excellent professional development opportunity. Register now at and take advantage of our early bird pricing until March 31, 2022.