Find Resources for Military & Veteran Families in Latest SCVets Guide

SC Vets Guide Find Helpful Resources for Military and Veteran Families

The SCVets Guide is a resource directory for South Carolina Veterans, Service members, and their families. It also features stories of real families’ successes accessing available resources. We understand that South Carolina Veterans don’t always get all the benefits they qualify for because sometimes they aren’t aware of the available resources. We have worked to break down barriers to ensure you have access to all the benefits you deserve. Keep reading to learn what the SCVets Guide offers, and check out the digital version of the guide on our website!

Find Your Next Employment Opportunity

The SCVets Guide provides several resources to support Veterans with employment opportunities. It has information for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment services to help Veterans find a job they want and coaching on how to get it. There are also tips for Veterans that are in the process of transitioning into civilian life. 

Understand Your VA Benefits

Navigating VA benefits can be complicated. Eligibility requirements change, and you need the correct documents to complete the proper forms. This guide has the most updated information and the documentation that goes along with applying for different benefits. It has information regarding claims you can file, compensation you may be eligible for, and burial and cemetery services.

Access Healthcare and Mental Care

We want to make sure that Veterans have all the information and resources available when making decisions for their health, both physically and mentally. SCVets Guide provides Veterans with information and resources for physical and mental healthcare. It covers how to enroll in the VA healthcare system, benefits, support for presumptive health conditions, special provisions for combat Veterans, state Veteran nursing homes, and more.

Explore Women’s Services

Women Veterans are one of the fastest growing populations. According to the National Center for Veterans Analysis & Statistics, the women veteran population in South Carolina will continue to increase by 1% yearly for the next three years. This guide has information related to VA medical services for women. It covers primary care and more specific care, like changes in coverage for IVF and more. There is also information on prosthetic and sensory aids services made specifically to meet the needs of women Veterans.

Navigate Education Opportunities

Knowing all the educational benefits available to Veterans and their families is essential. Veterans may use education benefits for various approved education and training programs, certifications, and college degrees. This guide includes several resources for Veterans who may be interested in continuing their education and have questions about tuition eligibility. It also has information on how Veterans and service members can receive additional financial assistance and support while continuing their education.

Transition from Homelessness into Housing

This guide provides information on state and federal resources. There is information about different organizations and how they support Veterans experiencing homelessness or are at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Learn More About Veteran Services

Veterans should know all the available resources. There is information about military resources and tax exemption eligibility, as well as making sure Veterans know that they can enter state parks at a reduced fee.

Discover Other Services 

We wanted to provide any additional information to help South Carolina Veterans, Service members, and their families. At the end of this guide, you will find information on all other resources. We also include an article featuring the South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs Director of Operations, David Rozelle, where he discusses how the Palmetto Pathfinder Program helps Veterans navigate post-military life.

SC Thrive works hard to ensure every Veteran and their loved ones are aware of the many resources available to them. Access the digital version of the SCVets Guide and learn about other available resources on the Military & Veteran page of SC Thrive’s website.