SC Thrive Named Phase 2 Winner of the Social Care Referrals Challenge

SC Thrive Named Phase 2 Winner of the Social Care Referrals Challenge

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) recently announced SC Thrive as a Phase 2 winner of the Social Care Referrals Challenge competition. The Social Care Referrals Challenge began in March of 2020 to support holistic health and social care in the community. This national competition awards prizes to service organizations that develop and optimize technology solutions that create connections between community-based organizations and health care systems.

In Phase 2, teams established standards for referral data collection and exchange. Also, participants created a collaborative governance model with confirmed collaborators, defined responsibilities, data agreements, and end-user workflows. SC Thrive, in partnership with Protech Solutions and CareSouth Carolina, is one of the four teams named as Phase 2 winners to move forward to the final phase of the competition.

Thrive Hub is a one-stop-shop social services technology platform that connects clients, community partners, service providers, business and state agencies. For the competition, Thrive Hub demonstrated that it could serve as a central point for social care and medical care providers to make inbound and outbound referrals for a client, to maximize their access to needed resources. Using Thrive Hub, healthcare organizations and community organizations can efficiently share information about clients and their social care referral outcomes with this technology solution. To learn more about the Phase 2 Awardees of the Social Care Referrals Challenge, visit HERE.

As a Phase 2 winner, SC Thrive is moving forward into Phase 3 of the competition which will focus on putting Gravity Project standards into action as well as testing. Learn more about the Gravity Project HERE.

If you are interested in seeing how Thrive Hub can benefit your organization, SC Thrive is excited to offer a demonstration. Learn more about Thrive Hub and request a demonstration HERE.