Anthony A. Dicks, Jr.

Anthony Dicks, Jr. Headshot

Anthony A. Dicks, Jr. is a leader’s leader! His passion for leadership development shows through his work with emerging leaders across various industries. He has spent over two decades preparing people with diverse responsibilities to reach their optimal leadership potential. He firmly believes that leaders are not developed by accident; they must be engineered.

Here’s just a couple of witnesses to Anthony’s transformative leadership development style.

“Anyone who works with Anthony will be blessed by his loving and nurturing coaching style.”
-Douglas Boyce, Chief Software Architect, PD Instore, New Hope, MN

“Anthony gave me the best coaching value I’ve ever received to enhance my business. I have been in business for over 30 years and I am completely impressed with Anthony’s clarity, plan, and attention to detail.”
-Cal Thompson, Award wining St Louis Businessman

A. A. Dicks, Jr. has extensive education and possesses a B.S in Applied Mathematics from North Carolina A and T State University, an MBA from Webster University, and an Executive Certificate in Digital Marketing from Cornell University. He currently transforms leaders as the Senior Leadership Consultant for 180 Management Group.