Why Partnership Matters: The Importance of Collaboration

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Why does Partnership matter? Service Providers, Partner Agencies, and Clients share a vital connection that keeps the social care sector thriving. Working for nonprofits provides a sense of camaraderie in the field. Even though each organization has an area of focus, we are all trying to do beneficial work and contribute to the common good.…

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Tax Refund Changes You’ll See in 2023  

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Tax season has officially begun. This year, you may see some changes — many of the pandemic tax benefits due to COVID-19 and its economic hardships expired. The IRS has warned that 2023 refunds may be smaller. Some people who expect to get money back may end up owing the government instead. Taxpayers should avoid…

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Easy, Free Online Tax Filing Through Thrive Hub

Easy Free Tax Filing Through Thrive Hub

  Tax season has begun. Though preparing for taxes may get stressful, SC Thrive is here to assist you with an easy and secure tax filing experience! Filing through Thrive Hub offers eligible South Carolinians the option to file online for FREE. Before starting the filing process, you should gather all the documents with your…

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Holiday Budgeting: Tips to Help You Save Money

Holiday Budgeting Helpful Tips To Save You Money

Holiday budgeting does not have to be stressful. Check out these simple tips that can help you save money and manage your finances this season. We’re officially in the holiday shopping season. Holidays allow us to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and spend quality time doing what we love with the people…

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Is it Worth it? Medicare Savings Program Questions Answered

Medicare Savings Program

Wondering if the Medicare Savings Program is worth applying for? What is the Medicare Savings Program? The Medicare Savings Program is a benefit that helps pay for some out-of-pocket costs such as Medicare premiums, deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and prescription drug costs for qualifying individuals. The Medicare Savings Program does not impact your Medicare Advantage Plans…

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Your 2021 Tax Return: Tax Credits

Do you know what to expect when you claim different tax credits on your 2021 tax return? Individuals and families benefit from the financial boost tax credits offer to lower their tax bills or increase their refund amount. SC Thrive is excited to provide a free tax filing opportunity to qualifying South Carolinians through Thrive…

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How to Access Free Tax Filing in Thrive Hub

Couple filing taxes on laptop with text that reads safe easy free how to file your taxes in Thrive Hub

Online tax filing will be a safe and secure option to submit your return this year. SC Thrive is excited to offer eligible South Carolina residents free tax filing services. This will give you the chance to use Thrive Hub, South Carolina’s one-stop shop for quality-of-life resources. Through Thrive Hub, you can avoid expensive tax…

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Save Time & Money—File Your Taxes for Free with SC Thrive

Columbia, SC, February 2, 2022–South Carolina tax filers can avoid expensive preparation fees by filing their taxes for free online with statewide nonprofit, SC Thrive. To qualify for this service, filers must have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $73,000 or less per year. This tax season, from now through April 18, 2022, individuals can…

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Three Simple Steps to Get Your Tax Refund Faster

Getting your tax refund faster is easier than you may think. You do not have to be a tax expert to file your return accurately and efficiently. Each year, tax filers across South Carolina submit their returns safely from the comfort of their homes. This tax season you can do the same! By following these…

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