National Social Care Competition Winner Announcement

SC Thrive Named a Winner of the ACL Social Care Referrals Challenge

SC Thrive, in collaboration with CareSouth Carolina and Protech Solutions, wins the national Social Care Referrals Challenge from the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Community Living.

Thanks to a next-level collaboration with CareSouth Carolina and Protech Solutions, we’re excited to announce that we have been named a winner of the Social Care Referrals Challenge.

About the Social Care Referrals Challenge

The Social Care Referrals Challenge is a national competition from The US Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Community Living (ACL). The competition launched in March of 2020 to support holistic health and social care in the community. This national competition awarded prizes to service organizations that develop and optimize technology solutions that create connections between community-based organizations and health care systems. Participants from across the nation competed in multiple phases of the challenge. We’re thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with our partners on such a task and to be named a Phase 3 winner of the Social Care Referrals Challenge Competition.

A Message from Our Leadership

We know that our one-of-a-kind technology is a tool that is helping to change the lives of South Carolinians and winning this challenge from DHHS’s Administration for Community Living further validates our technology and the meaningful work we’re already doing with our valued partners. SC Thrive is paving the way to equitable healthcare access through our partnerships, the use of technology, and connection to resources to ensure all South Carolinians have the ability to lead healthy and successful lives. 

Currently, there is no other system like Thrive Hub in South Carolina or the U.S. However, we recognize that we couldn’t do what we do without our incredible partners throughout the state. We hope that not only our example of harnessing technology will inspire other states, but that our passion for building lasting partner relationships with organizations to increase relational connection to individuals in need will encourage other states to follow in our footsteps.

SC Thrive CEO, Tricia Richardson

About Thrive Hub

Thrive Hub is a leading social care technology specially made for South Carolina. It provides a view into all available resources, as well as data around social drivers of health that informs and connects the medical care providers and social care workers to the individuals in need. Additionally, the platform uses straight-forward, common language to bring clarity to people in need.

Thrive Hub is an essential tool used amongst countless agencies and other nonprofits throughout South Carolina and will be a critical part to help enhance the growing social care field in the state for many years to come. Built especially for the social serving sector with input from South Carolina social care leaders, this platform works to create more efficiencies in paperwork—providing more time with the individual, while also streamlining access to needed programs, services and offerings to individuals in need. Thrive Hub can multiply the help a person receives by accessing a multitude of benefits, completing Social Drivers of Health screenings, and receiving referrals for needed services all at one time.

To explore how Thrive Hub can benefit your organization, request a demonstration HERE.

About CareSouth Carolina

For over 40 years, CareSouth Carolina has served as a medical home — a place where people can experience healing, caring relationships — regardless of their personal circumstances. As a community health center, CareSouth understands our patients to be part of our family. We are part of their community, and we deliver a comprehensive set of services that meet the whole need — from pediatrics to pharmacy to community outreach — all under one roof.

It’s certainly not common in health care, but CareSouth believes it is what’s needed to make a difference in the lives of people and in the communities we call home. In turn, we find ourselves leading the transformation of health care here at home and as a national model of success.

All in all, though, CareSouth Carolina is still about the one patient looking for a place to experience excellent care and service — a place where they can feel at home — and always welcome.

About Protech Solutions

Protech Solutions is a nationwide information technology services provider for development, maintenance, and enhancement of automated systems. Founded in 1995, they are now a global organization with over 400 resources and growing. Protech, a proud Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise, is a professionally managed global provider of innovative technology and consulting services to both the public and private sector. With their technological focus and expertise, they have established quality systems along with global alliances and technology partnerships with market leaders.

They provide their clients with new and improved technologies to better serve them and have assembled a group of business and technical professionals that understand processes specific to their clients’ domains and the demand for improved technical service. Combined experience and knowledge of Protech’s business and technical professionals has made Protech highly successful and recognized as one of the nation’s leading providers of information technology services to state and local governments with a primary business focus of Child Support Enforcement (CSE) technology.