Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month 2019

Find fresh fruits and vegetables all across South Carolina!

Did you know you have access to produce grown in your backyard, even if you aren’t tending a garden? You do! 

South Carolina is full of farmers growing corn, watermelon, strawberries, peaches and tomatoes. Summer is the tastiest season of all! To find a local market close to you, check out the state’s listing 

To help everyone take advantage of the bounty, many farmer’s markets and roadside stands can accept SNAP benefits.   

Best of all, there’s a special program for seniors to access the summer’s harvests: Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program! This program helps seniors in our state access $25 of fresh produce- think of the green beans! Basic information is provided and eligible seniors walk away with five $5 vouchers to be used at local markets, including many mobile farmer’s markets! 

If you’re looking for more information about these amazing vouchers, contact your local Senior Center to check on availability! And if you want to apply for SNAP benefits for your family, you can apply over the phone with our Contact Center at 800.726.8774.

–SC Thrive