Technology for Older Adults: 4 Ways to Boost Senior Health and Well-Being with Tech

February 10, 2017

Today’s seniors are more tech-savvy than their parents and grandparents were, with many older adults using smartphones, social media, email and more. As of 2014, 77 percent of older adults had a cell phone, according to research from Pew Internet, marking an increase of eight percent in just two years.…

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Kick it up a notch this New Year

January 23, 2017

It’s that time of the year, folks! Some New Years resolutions are still in motion and some are already in the past. However, it’s always a good day to start a new path to improve your mental wellness. Any stage of the mental health spectrum can be helped by increasing…

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7 Ways to Promote Mental Health

November 8, 2016

[dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]1.[/dropcap]Share a Story  Share an anonymous success story in a newsletter or on social media. Use a staff member to create a video of the story to share with your audience. [dropcap background=”#006838″ color=”#faf8cf” circle=”0″]2.[/dropcap]Explain Mental Issues  Most people who haven’t experienced mental health issues have a…

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