Midlands Gives 2023: The Day of Generosity That Provides Year-Round Supports

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The countdown to Midlands Gives 2023 is on! This year’s Midlands Gives Day is held on May 2, 2023. Midlands Gives serves as a celebration of philanthropy, allowing people statewide to invest directly in their communities by supporting the nonprofit organizations that are vital to help strengthen our region. Since the conception of Midlands Gives in 2014, it has raised over $19.7 million for hundreds of local nonprofits.

Our Impact

Each Year, SC Thrive helps thousands of South Carolina individuals and families receive free prescriptions, access healthy foods, and healthcare programs, provide free tax assistance and offer mental health trainings and other supports. We connect people to the resources they need most, while providing a caring and compassionate touch.

Your Support Can:

  • Help move individuals from crisis to self-sustainability during their most stressful moments. SC Thrive offers essential services such as financial health trainings, access to healthcare, and nutrition assistance to equip individuals with the tools and resources they need to achieve long-term stability and thrive in their communities. 
  • Break down barriers to needed healthcare resources that may be disrupting the quality of healthcare in our communities. SC Thrive is working to bridge the gaps between community partners, service providers, businesses, and state agencies by fostering collaboration, data sharing, communication and resource allocation. Through this integrated approach, SC Thrive streamlines access to vital healthcare services, resulting in improved health outcomes for vulnerable populations and a more efficient and effective healthcare system in South Carolina, critical to improving lives and strengthening our communities.  
  • Ensure families have greater access to nutritious foods through SNAP applications and other food security benefits year-round. SC Thrive’s education and outreach efforts raise awareness about nutrition and healthy eating, empowering families to make informed choices about their food options and improve their overall health and well-being. 
  • Help seniors age in place through SC Thrive’s programs; seniors can access vital services such as home modifications for safety and accessibility, assistance with daily living activities, and coordination of healthcare services. This support enables seniors to remain in their homes, maintaining their independence and quality of life while reducing the need for costly institutional care. 
  • Champion innovative social care technology solutions. Thrive Hub establishes a one-stop shop for better case management, application assistance, and resources and referrals to help South Carolinians holistically. Through our innovative online system, Thrive Hub, SC Thrive helps systems talk to one another so that people’s needs are met. This creates a greater impact on clients, saves time for both the service provider and clients, and ultimately improves their overall well-being and quality of life.  
  • Empower others to compassionately serve clients. Through efficient technology, continuous support, & training, SC Thrive Benefits Counselors and partners save time and money by submitting multiple applications in a single appointment, empowering them to focus on what matters most – taking care of themselves and their families and treating their clients with the dignity they deserve.   

Midlands Gives 2023 Day Of Contributions

Giving is important because it helps create a sense of community, improves our well-being, and positively impacts those in need. As we continually evolve to meet our state’s specific needs, we encourage you to join our vision of building stabilized, healthy communities in South Carolina. We want to thank you in advance for your generosity and for making a difference through your giving. Together we’re building stabilized communities. A gift to SC Thrive immediately impacts the lives of South Carolinians. Help us give back to the Midlands and beyond!