SC Thrive's Annual Training 2022 Together Again Meet Us in Greenville for Annual Training 2022

Get Ready for SC Thrive’s Annual Training 2022 in Greenville 

March 25, 2022

Get ready for SC Thrive’s Annual Training! Every year we strive to make this training impactful, fun, and engaging. This year the theme is Better, Brighter, Balanced. Better, Brighter, Balanced embodies what we strive toward every day. Better solutions to address challenges. Brighter mindsets that look to the future with…

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Your 2021 Tax Return: Tax Credits

March 8, 2022

Do you know what to expect when you claim different tax credits on your 2021 tax return? Individuals and families benefit from the financial boost tax credits offer to lower their tax bills or increase their refund amount. SC Thrive is excited to provide a free tax filing opportunity to…

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SNAP Emergency Allotments Continue Helping Families Through the Pandemic

March 2, 2022

SNAP Emergency allotments continue helping eligible households in South Carolina maximize their SNAP benefits throughout the pandemic. Here are answers to some questions you may have about this special federal program. What are the SNAP Emergency Allotments? SNAP Emergency Allotments are designed to bring SNAP households up to their maximum…

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Questioning the COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s What We Know Two Years into the Pandemic.

February 23, 2022

The present impact that COVID-19 has on healthcare is challenging. These challenges have affected the workload on doctors and other healthcare professionals, the diagnosis and treatment of positive cases and the treatment of patients with other problems and underlying conditions. Are you questioning the COVID-19 vaccine? Here’s what we’ve learned…

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Couple filing taxes on laptop with text that reads safe easy free how to file your taxes in Thrive Hub

How to Access Free Tax Filing in Thrive Hub

February 15, 2022

Online tax filing will be a safe and secure option to submit your return this year. SC Thrive is excited to offer eligible South Carolina residents free tax filing services. This will give you the chance to use Thrive Hub, South Carolina’s one-stop shop for quality-of-life resources. Through Thrive Hub,…

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Save Time & Money—File Your Taxes for Free with SC Thrive

February 2, 2022

Columbia, SC, February 2, 2022–South Carolina tax filers can avoid expensive preparation fees by filing their taxes for free online with statewide nonprofit, SC Thrive. To qualify for this service, filers must have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $73,000 or less per year. This tax season, from now through…

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Three Simple Steps to Get Your Tax Refund Faster

January 28, 2022

Getting your tax refund faster is easier than you may think. You do not have to be a tax expert to file your return accurately and efficiently. Each year, tax filers across South Carolina submit their returns safely from the comfort of their homes. This tax season you can do…

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Want a Stress-Free Tax Season? Prepare Early with this Tax Document Checklist

January 20, 2022

With tax season quickly approaching you may be trying to get all your important records together in advance. Preparing your tax documents early is the first step to a stress-free tax season. Although early preparation is recommended, you’ll want to submit your taxes only when the IRS starts accepting returns…

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COVID-19 Vaccine Myths & Misconceptions

January 19, 2022

It’s okay to have questions. Everyone deserves answers. Do you know your options for the COVID-19 vaccine? How do you know which sources and information about COVID-19 are accurate? It’s no surprise you’ve heard rumors about the COVID-19 vaccines on social media or from people in your life. The different…

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Survive 2 Thrive A Women Veterans Support Group

Join Survive 2 Thrive a Women Veteran Support Group: Help End the Stigma of Veteran Mental Health Challenges

January 18, 2022

SC Thrive has created a Women Veteran Support Group called Survive 2 Thrive. This support group will help Veterans release some of their struggles through open communication and hear about how others use strategies to overcome similar experiences and difficulties. Any Woman Veteran living in South Carolina can join Survive…

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